All Pro Greens (Creative)

SFX: backyard ambience

V1: (owner of green pretending he's a golf commentator while he putts)
With a 10 foot putt for par, we're here on the practice green that's never busy "My Backyard Putting Green".

V1: Allowing me to hone my skills at home... I'm now going to sink one more putt before supper...

SFX: putt

Anncr: Lower your handicap with your own backyard putting and chipping green. Log on to All Pro Greens Dot Com ( and pay 70 percent less than retail! That's all pro greens dot com. It's easy to install and requires no maintenance.

SFX: golf ball drops in cup

V1: (golf commentator cheering like)
What a putt! And the crowd goes wild!
(makes childlike crowd cheering noises)

Anncr: All Pro greens Dot Com. Order online and own the game.

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