Professional Voice Over Services

Creativity, and quality are the basis of any successful Radio Ad campaign. We believe that you can and should have national quality commercial productions at any level of broadcasting...and that’s what we offer.

With over 50 thousand radio spots produced since 1998, our team has the skills and experience to create national quality commercial productions for a surprisingly affordable rate.

If you need top-notch radio spots turned around quickly, and affordably, we are Overnight Radio Inc, and we’re your team.

Writing, acting, announcing, radio commercial production... as much or as little as you need.

Monthly Radio Commercial Package Pricing

Below is a detailed list for radio station packages... units can be used for scripts, voice overs and radio production.

    • Small Market Gold

      Pop. 100,000 & under
    • $1350/month

      • 50 units/month
      • $27/unit
    • Small Market Silver

      Pop. 100,000 & under
    • $725/month

      • 25 units/month
      • $29/unit
    • Medium Market Gold

      Pop. 100,000 to 500,000
    • $1850/month

      • 50 units/month
      • $37/unit
    • Medium Market Silver

      Pop. 100,000 to 500,000
    • $975/month

      • 25 units/month
      • $39/unit
    • Large Market Gold

      Pop. 500,000 & over
    • $2400/month

      • 50 units/month
      • $48/unit
    • Large Market Silver

      Pop. 500,000 & over
    • $1325/month

      • 25 units/month
      • $53/unit

Per Spot Radio Commercial Pricing

If a commercial monthly package is more than you need, you can purchase them 'per spot' individually.

Per spot pricing starts at $175 per local broadcast spot* and $75 per script*!

Internet ads start at $300 - North America only

*Prices refer to a one market broadcast only - *$35 per revision

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