Kawartha TV & Stereo (Hardsell)

V1: (casually whistling)

Anncr: (conversational)
Hey fella, whatcha doing?

V1: Waiting.

Really? I got something for ya then.

V1: What?

(music explodes in)

Anncr: (pumped hardsell read)
It's the sale you've been waiting for at Kawartha TV and Stereo!!! Stop by today and see their new Panasonic Viera TV showroom! Envision how a Viera can enhance YOUR viewing experience and home decor! Get a Panasonic 42-inch Plasma now just 29-88! Or a Panasonic Home Theatre Projector only 27-88! How about a Panasonic DVD Home Theatre System just 4-98!! No waiting, the grand opening sale of their new showroom is on! See the great people at Kawartha TV and Stereo, your Audiotronic store in Peterborough and Belleville!

V1: (impressed)

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