Lakes Region Jewelers (Softsell)

(romantic Christmas melody in...)

Anncr: It's Christmas eve... the candles are lit... the music is soft...
... and beside you sits the most beautiful girl in the world.

Anncr: As she unwraps her gift from you... a tiny little box from Lakes Region Jewelers. ...the look on her face says it all... diamond earrings were the PERFECT CHOICE.

Anncr: Ever seen a face light up like a lamp?
You will... with a little holiday shopping at Lakes Region Jewelers.

Anncr: Lakes Region Jewelers carries a wide variety of sparkling gifts that'll truly say it all. Platinum and white gold... titanium and silver... gem stones, diamonds, engagement rings and wedding bands.
And at Lakes Region Jewelers... you can even have a special piece custom made as pretty as she is.

Anncr: Lakes Region Jewelers... in the BELL-nap Mall Belmont.
In-house repairs and layaway for Christmas are available.
Phone 528-33-11.
Make this Christmas a special one... with Lakes Region Jewelers.
Open Monday to Saturdays 9 to 8, Sundays 11 to 5.

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