Outpost (Hardsell)

Anncr: (cool)
If you've been wondering. Where the party is.
You're about... to find out.

SFX: explosion efx into upbeat club track

Anncr: (hardsell)

Anncr: For the biggest and best nightclub experience... The Outpost is where its at!!
Booming sound, enthralling lights... it's where new friends, old friends, everyone unites!!!

SFX: SFX and music stops

Anncr: But when's a good time?

SFX: SFX and music back in

Anncr: ANY NIGHT'S a good night for The Outpost!
Feel the rhythm, feel the rhyme, let yourself go, it's Outpost time!!!
The Outpost! Thunder Bay's party headquarters.

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