Shoes Right Here (Creative)

SFX: night time, owl in distance, drone builds with read, footsteps start far away and move closer

Anncr: (narrative like vincent price)
It's a dark eerie night. You're walking home, alone. Or, ARE you?

SFX: make footsteps behind more apparent

Anncr: From behind, you hear the lurking sound of footsteps. You can't see anyone, but they're getting closer.

SFX: heart beat faster

Anncr: You're heart beats faster, hair stands on end, and just as the footsteps reach you, you turn around look down and say...

SFX: eerie sfx stop

Female: (friendly, impressed)
Nice shoes, where did you get them?

Anncr: 'Shoes Right Here', top quality brand name shoes at the lowest prices in Oregon.

(friendlier music in)

SFX: eerie sfx stop

Anncr: (now friendly tone)
From infants to mens size 19, Shoes Right Here has shoes for the whole family, in the latest fall styles and fashions. Boots by Columbia, Wolverine, Cat, Hi-Tec, Skechers, Bear Paw and more. Even football, baseball and track cleats. As a local Oregon company, shop Shoes Right Here and it's a win win for you and the community. Shop elsewhere and you're throwing your money away. Happy Halloween from Shoes Right Here, in downtown Eugene on the corner of 7th and Monroe Street, and in Salem at 3304 Lancaster Drive and Silverton Boulevard in the Safeway Oak Park Plaza.

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