True Amour (Medium)

Dreamy romantic music in...

Female (soft narrative):
I saw him from across the room. His clothes, his hair, the way he walked, I knew he was the one for me. And as he moved closer we almost made eye contact before he paid for his produce and walked out of the grocery store. (SFX - record scratch)

Anncr: Stop dreaming, start dating...FOR REAL. With True ah-MOOR.

(nice music in)

Anncr: True ah-MOOR is a new upscale speed dating service that unites area singles, to mingle and connect. Conducted as "mini dates", it's perfect for the busy professional, and those without time to meet others outside their circle of friends.

Anncr: Each couple has 8 minutes to chat before moving on to the next table. And just 24 hours later, you'll be notified of matches, and potentially the love of your life.

Anncr: To reserve YOUR spot with True ah-MOOR call 626-90-67. Each event is hosted at a nice restaurant, with a socially relaxed, yet intimate atmosphere. Limit 10 couples per event. That's 626-90-67.

Anncr: If you don't find your match, you'll at least make some great friends.
True ah-MOOR... where connections are made. Call 626-90-67.

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