Up Health Spa (Creative)

Anncr: (calm, relaxed)
BEFORE... "Up Health Spa"...

Female: (carrying on/frantic like a nervous wreck)
Whoa boy, what a day. First I gotta be here, then there, then back across town like AN HOUR AGO!!! Then I have a big presentation to uh, you know, present! A meeting I can't miss, kids to pick up, and... (pause) where am I?

Anncr: (calm, relaxed)
AFTER... "Up Health Spa"...

Female: (totally relaxed, like a load has been taken off)
Wow... did that ever feel good. A full body massage and facial. Pampering fit for a queen. Thank you ... I needed that.

Anncr: (calm, relaxed)
Up Health Spa... from Botox to massage therapy... you WON'T be disappointed.
Up Health Spa... on Fairfax, San Vah-SEN-tay, and Olympic.

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