Woodland Windows (Softsell)

Anncr: You love your home...

SFX: woman struggling to open window

Anncr: But those old...

SFX: tapping on wood, struggling to open

Anncr: Outdated... inefficient windows...

SFX: glass smashing

Anncr: need to be replaced.

(music in)

Anncr: Let Woodland Windows and Doors help you add value and a beautiful finish to your home...with new windows from Marvin, Pella and Anderson. Or their exclusive custom vinyl line: Signature Woodland Windows. Their in-house installers and five year craftsmanship guarantee, will seal those drafts out. Find the design you?re looking for in their 15-thousand square foot state of the art showroom, or contact Woodland for a free in-home estimate. Visit woodland windows dot com.

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