What Overnight Radio Can Do For You

Whether you’re a radio station, a media group, an advertising agency or a private business, we can be of service to you... for commercial voice overs, radio commercial production, radio commercial scripts and even short radio jingles which we call Musical Tags.

We serve clients all over the world, from Toronto to Miami to Vancouver, the Caribbean, Europe to Dubai. Anywhere you are, if you have internet, we can provide you high quality radio ads. All produced from our studios in London, Canada, west of Toronto.

Since 1998, Overnight Radio has been delivering high end commercial productions for stations and companies at one of the lowest rates in the industry.

We help stations have more commercial voice overs to choose from, expand station creative departments by providing commercial script writing and production... all for much less than adding staff, paying benefits, etc.

We help advertising agencies include radio ads in a client’s campaign... we write, produce, as well as provide commercial voice overs for TV ads... all for an extremely low rate.

And we help businesses looking for a sound that will cut through the radio waves... working directly to create effective radio commercials that will make you well known in your market.

Anything to do with creating a radio commercial... we are your team... we’ve been honing our talents for almost two decades.

For radio commercial production, scripts, voice overs and radio jingles... put our experience and low rates to work for you. Call or email today.

London, Ontario, Canada | 519.660.0742 | info@overnightradio.com