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Rarely have radio stations been able to offer clients professional singing, but as a monthly client, now you can!

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For many decades, the radio jingle has been a highly-sought after way to brand a company because when it’s done right, a jingle sticks with consumers. The right mix of melody, lyrics and production make a company name and tag line unforgettable. But rarely today is a long or full sing jingle used anymore, clients often just utilize the jingle intro or sing out ‘extro’ so they can update their advertising messages with a voice over. And so, we create ‘Musical Tags’. Similar to a jingle, but the singing part is generally shorter, and can easily fit with an already created script or commercial concept. Musical Tags are the much more affordable alternative to the traditional radio jingle.

Overnight Radio is lucky to have a professional musician on staff available to make your advertising sing. He has a natural ability to create catchy melodies. His skills include composing the music, playing all the instruments, singing and mixing your Musical Tag all within a small time-frame (usually 48 hours). You simply supply us the *lyrics (see guide below), the musical style, length and other details in the online form, and off we go. Your musical tag will be in your hands within 2 days. The cost is so low, that there are no refunds, but in the rare case you need another one, the cost is not prohibitive. These are not canned music beds from a production company, these are original creations, licenced to you to run in your local radio market.

Lyrics Guideline: Research has shown that people remember short catchy phrases the most, 3 to 5 words is best, up to 7 words can work if the phrase is memorable. Rhyming is also highly effective, especially if you exceed 7 words, but not a must as the right melody can make it work. Basically, the shorter the better. If you need a tag line written, just ask when filling out the form. Remember, if the jingle comes to you naturally, it will sound like it too.

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