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Keep your Ads Fresh!

Imagine seeing the same social media post day, after day, after day. It would soon have less effect, you’d start to swipe past it, ignore it, dare I say become annoyed by it and perhaps stop following. Well, the same could be said for a TV or Radio ad that runs too long. Yes repetition is important, but with research showing that a high percentage of listeners are loyal to their radio stations, they’re actually overhearing your ad if it the same one airs for too long. There’s more to your story than just that one message. So keep it fresh, update your radio ads, make fans out of listeners, tell your whole story so they create a desire and interest to connect with you and become customers. Social Media is just more proof that if you stay active and fresh in your marketing, the results will pay off. So mix in updated stories with your radio branding… add chapters, specials, successes, help listeners really get to know you… and picture being at your store or using your product/service. You can still keep the same sound, the same image, but freshen up the content so it’s not the same message, same exact words that over time can have less effect. The cost of updating your radio and streaming messages is minimal, so why not!? New stories are more interesting, it’s what people seek, not old stories. Let’s work your story into listener’s minds, and you’ll be TOP of mind.

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5 Tips for Effective Radio Ads

5 Tips for Effective Radio Ads by Overnight Radio

(the information below is based on two decades of what we’ve seen get the most results)

1. Make your message RELEVANT and how it helps/solves a problem/makes life better for the CONSUMER.
By creating a message that’s relevant to your target demo’s life, they’ll create an interest in your commercial, and want to know more. Once you get a listener WANTING to learn about your product or service, their minds are open to absorb information, and you can brand your company’s name into their long term memory. Illustrate the experience of using your product, show the benefits whether it’s superior product, service or savings, and use terms and concepts that paint a picture. If listeners can see it in their life, they’ll establish a desire for it. If you start an ad only with information about your company, you may lose interest before listeners realize they may want what you sell. Give them a relevant reason to care about you, be interesting, tell a story, and think about the environment you’re advertising in. (People aren’t listening to the radio to hear about businesses, but they’ll pay attention to interesting items/stories/solutions for their life)

2. Make your message COMPELLING and HARD TO IGNORE
A common ad is a common mistake. When creating, don’t think about what a radio ad should or typically sounds like. Try to avoid being like others. If your commercial has unique elements, it’ll better stand out in the commercial clutter and make people curious to learn more. If it’s filled with common clichés and generalities, not many will remember it. Since today’s consumers are hit by over 5000 advertisements a day (signs, tv, online, social media etc), you really need to be different to make an impact, but don’t be confusing or complex. Find one or two really interesting and beneficial points, and don’t let people ignore the message, or even worse FORGET it. But how do you avoid being ignored? Be entertaining, make an interesting point, tell a story, be anything but the overdone usual. But be simple, and clear…

3. Making your message SIMPLE and CLEAR
Many ads out there are quite complex and confusing to the common listener. Let’s be real, listeners are not sitting by the radio waiting to figure out and analyze every ad. Being too clever can go over their heads because their lives are too busy to figure out what you’re trying to say, they likely won’t remember it. You can’t expect a person that has work, family, health, daily chores, errands, street signs while driving, etc on their minds, to figure out a complex message. Narrow down what you want to say to only the most compelling point(s), and KEEP IT SIMPLE, but interesting. Repeating the main point is also never a bad thing. While it may sound redundant to you, accenting the main sell point/product appeal helps consumers remember it, or hear it once if their mind only tuned in half way thru the ad. If it’s clear how your business can help the consumer, simplicity will help you be Top Of Mind. Help the listener, don’t outsmart them. And know and relate to your target demographic…

By understanding the people you’re trying to reach, you’re already on the right path to an effective radio ad. Ask yourself; Are you trying to reach someone that’s already interested in your product (today’s buyer with a special offer)? Or are you trying to reach someone who may someday be interested in your product (branding ad for tomorrow’s buyer)? Ads for Today’s buyer can be easier to create, as the target demo is already interested in your product. They may just be looking for a good price point, special promotion or extra service to get them to buy, so a hard sell or direct ad can work effectively in this case. However, Tomorrow’s buyer may not even know about your product and may not currently care, so you really need to interest and educate them with unique creativity. If you do this well, your company will be Top of Mind the day they decide to buy…which may even be sooner than they’d planned. That’s Big Bang Branding. You’ll also want to keep in mind the age range, gender, and professional status of your target demo so your ad relates to their lifestyle, and choose the appropriate kind of radio station to advertise on. But if you’re still unsure how to make a simply effective radio ad…

Like many skills, some just can’t be taught. Some get it, some don’t. For example, if you want to learn how to drum, it will be very difficult if you lack rhythm, timing and coordination. Writing effective copy is also a skill not everyone can comprehend and become great at, but they often highly excel in other areas. So to those people, we suggest using your time wisely, hire the right person/company for the radio copy writing, so you can spend more time doing what you do best. Being a good delegator can be a lucrative skill. So, where can you find a proven radio ad writer and creator? …

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