Keep your Ads Fresh!

Imagine seeing the same social media post day, after day, after day. It would soon have less effect, you’d start to swipe past it, ignore it, dare I say become annoyed by it and perhaps stop following. Well, the same could be said for a TV or Radio ad that runs too long. Yes repetition is important, but with research showing that a high percentage of listeners are loyal to their radio stations, they’re actually overhearing your ad if it the same one airs for too long. There’s more to your story than just that one message. So keep it fresh, update your radio ads, make fans out of listeners, tell your whole story so they create a desire and interest to connect with you and become customers. Social Media is just more proof that if you stay active and fresh in your marketing, the results will pay off. So mix in updated stories with your radio branding… add chapters, specials, successes, help listeners really get to know you… and picture being at your store or using your product/service. You can still keep the same sound, the same image, but freshen up the content so it’s not the same message, same exact words that over time can have less effect. The cost of updating your radio and streaming messages is minimal, so why not!? New stories are more interesting, it’s what people seek, not old stories. Let’s work your story into listener’s minds, and you’ll be TOP of mind.

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